Core Values: Integrity, Compassion, Empathy, Authenticity, Honesty

My Pledge: “To guide you to the life you want and deserve while coaching by example.”

What you can expect from me:


Wherever you are in your life or what success or failures you’ve experienced, you hold within you the power to make it better. Congratualtions on taking the first steps toward the life you want and deserve. Your journey to greatness continues here.

My name is Dawn. Thank you for trusting me to be your personal guide.

During our time together, your goals come first. Everything about our interactions is geared toward helping you define and reach your goals. Most importantly you will develop the tools so that not only will you feel stronger at the end of our time together, you will also know how to regain that confidence when future experiences threaten to knock you off course.

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How I got here:

My writing career spans approximately 25 years beginning as a United States Marine working in the Public Affairs Office at Parris Island, SC, as the Northern Bureau Chief in Okinawa, Japan and as a combat correspondent during Desert Storm. But it was the five decades of overcoming such adversities as mental and physical abuse, gaining and later maintaining 160+ pound weight loss and 16 years battling medications from a faulty diagnosis that prompted me to use my education as a personal trainer and life coach to change the lives of others like myself. I always knew deep down inside I had the strength to rise above any challenge. But far more important than my personal transformation is what it has taught me about guiding others in doing the same.

My closest friends have observed me all over the map physically and mentally. And they know it was experiencing and overcoming those struggles that have made me so passionate about helping others. Every aspect of my business takes into consideration the potential impact it might have on my readers, listeners and clients. Therefore it is my sincerest hope that whether it is through my writing, my podcast or through personal interaction you find something that resonates either in your own life or in a manner which allows you to view others in a kinder and maybe more helpful light. We are all in this together, but without the ability for honest and transparent communication all other efforts are doomed to be futile.

The word most used by others to describe me is passionate. And while that is assuredly true, the trait most important to me is honest. I am honest with myself and I will be honest with you. Daily I re-evaluate my speech and actions to make sure they are congruent. I figure I am far from perfect so honesty is the best defense.

With that in mind I say to you that the process of change is not easy. It requires facing personal demons that terrify us. But I can promise you two things: nothing you will uncover is more painful than living the rest of your life wondering if you’ve fulfilled your personal destiny and that once you have successfully slain those dragons the rest of the journey gets so much easier.

Finally, since all of this was created with you in mind your input is necessary to provide the best possible tools. If you have comments or suggestions I can be reached: via email at [email protected],

Twitter: mindbodycoachtx

Facebook page:

Once again thank you and I hope you enjoy the journey.