Episode 15 – Relationship Edition – Introduction

Welcome to the first Honestly Speaking Sex segment of our show. I’m your host Dawn Keegan. Today is New Year’s day 2017 so Happy New Year! I personally couldn’t think of a better way to begin the year than with an effort to improve the romantic encounters in my life and yours. Therefore today will be just a short introduction to tell you a little about me, my co-host Ahmed and what you can expect from this special weekend-only edition.

Sex is a topic that fascinates me. If we’re honest, it’s a subject that fascinates most of us. It’s right there alongside food, air and water in our hierarchy of needs and the sheer size of the human race tells us there is a whole lot of it going on.

It’s a driving force behind nearly every aspect of our lives including love, business and violence. This most carnal act of nature is at the same time in your face every day and yet one of life’s great mysteries. If we’re not having it, we are trying to figure how to get it and if we are having it we’re often wondering if it could somehow be better (the answer is nearly always yes).

Varying degrees of dissatisfaction in the bedroom is behind so much of the infidelity and divorce we experience and yet too many of us are not talking about it in the open and honest fashion necessary to find the answers we seek.

However, as important and enjoyable as the topic of sex is, we are here to talk about much more. What you’ll get from Ahmed and I is all things relationship.

Want to know how a man really feels about one night stands, make-up and first date conversation?

Can you handle honest talk about body image and what she is really thinking before, during and after?

No topic is off limits. You will get a male and a female perspective on the topics that we wonder about most. At some point, we’ll bring in other co-hosts to have guy or girl only discussions. We will scour the news to see what topics out there are hot and interesting. But most of all we’d love to hear from you the listener. What is it you are curious about? Let us know and we’ll cover it.

We understand communication can be difficult and tackling tough topics with someone in whom you have a vested interest is scary. Therefore, our goal is to let you hear honest talk from our perspective in the hopes it will make it easier to crack the door of conversation in your own life. We want this to be fun and entertaining but as importantly we want it to be useful.

Once again welcome and we hope you enjoy this journey.


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