Episode 18 How to compliment a total stranger featuring Katie McKenna

Welcome to Honestly Speaking. I’m your host Dawn Keegan and today I’m here with special guest co-host Katie McKenna to talk about the very undershared gift of compliments. Welcome Katie and thank you for being here.

Before we get started I want to share a little about Katie and why I’m so excited to have her here. Now I’m going to confess up front that I have a very big girl crush on Ms. McKenna. Katie is the author of the book entitled “How to Get Run Over by a Truck.”

She will be back next week to tell us more about her story but in the meantime I strongly encourage you to get a copy of her book and familiarize yourself with this amazing woman. If you enjoy audio she did a beautiful job with her own narration.

So now on to our topic. I’m not sure when it started, but I have an absolutely impulsive and virtually uncontrollable habit of complimenting total strangers at random. It makes no difference if they are young, old, man, woman, married or single. If I see anything at all from their make-up to their socks I will say something. My only real rule is that if the subject of my adoration is a child, I’ll make the statement to the parent on their behalf. Everyone else is fair game. More than once I’ve been told “Oh, I would do that, but what if they take it the wrong way.”











Katie McKenna

Katie’s blog: http://smallbitesandlittlevictories.blogspot.com/

To contact Katie about speaking engagements: [email protected]




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