Episode 22 – Gary Noesner Author of Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator

Welcome to honestly speaking. I’m your host Dawn Keegan and I’m here today with Gary Noesner, author of Stalling for Time My life as an FBI hostage negotiator. Welcome, Gary and thank you for being here.

Anyone who is familiar with my past adversity segments knows I usually interview amazing men and women who have triumphed over some very difficult challenges in their lives.

The same could certainly be said for today’s guest. However, my motivation in requesting this interview was more for what I believe Gary offers listeners in the way of insight into how critical communication is to all aspects of our lives and how seemingly small lapses in that communication can lead to very drastic and life altering events.

Gary, you decided at a very young age that the FBI was the place for you, but the exact path took some time to reveal itself. Do you mind starting with a little background on how you came to be a negotiator?

Luckily, most of us will never come close to being involved in the kinds of cases you were a part of. However, early in the book you told a couple stories that were both heartbreaking for me at a personal level, but also ones that could affect many of us on almost any day. Do you mind talking a bit about Jim the veteran on the USS Yorktown and also about the policeman in Louisiana?



You can learn more about or contact Gary through his website at: http://garynoesner.com/


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