Episode 26 – Temporary Pause and Rebranding as Honestly Dawn

Welcome to Honestly Speaking, this is Dawn. I first need to apologize for the delay in getting out this announcement. If you have listened to most or all of our previous broadcasts you’ve noticed several instances of quality control issues. For that reason I’ve decided to temporarily suspend our launches to work out some logistics. […]

Episode 12 – Confessions of a closet non-racist

Welcome to episode 12 of Honestly Speaking. I’m Dawn What you are about to hear is an adaptation of a blog post I did earlier this year. I decided to share it on air because it’s as much about understanding ourselves and the liberating effect of refusing to allow others to dictate your actions as […]

Episode 11 – Regret and How We View the Past

Welcome to Honestly Speaking episode 11. I’m Dawn It’s nearly 2 am Thanksgiving morning and since I’m unable to sleep, I’m thinking about some of the things I’m thankful for. I tell you this because what I’m about to share is a personal story and  while you will listen to it later in the holiday […]

Episode 2 – Boris Boric Interview, Part 1

Welcome to episode two of Honestly Speaking. I’m Dawn. I am inspired almost daily by people I meet such as The 70 year-old with the boot brace who chooses to take the stairs when the 18-year-old “aspiring” basketball player takes the elevator, or the amputee veteran telling jokes and uplifting those with fewer physical challenges […]

Episode 1 – Introduction

This is the first episode of the Honestly Speaking Podcast with Dawn Keegan. This episode is just a short introduction of Dawn, and what you can expect in the coming episodes of the show. It is a podcast dedicated to tackling life’s most challenging topics with the candid, straight forward language normally reserved for only […]

How do you define diet?

If you look up the word diet in the dictionary it has six definitions as a noun. Of those six definitions four of them are completely innocuous references to diet as something natural, normal and common. One reference refers to diet with regard to changing health in the same way an athlete would or someone […]

It’s all about perspective

The largest percentage of my clients are my age or older (let’s just use that hideous term “mature”). As I told my hairdresser, a valued descriptor when you are 18 not so much at 48. Naturally, one of the first things I ask about is their goals. I want to know what they are and […]

The “real” people of Walmart

For better or worse I can’t help striking up conversations with people wherever I go. And because I am a terrible insomniac who will do almost anything to avoid rush hour traffic and crowds, I often find myself in 24 hour stores including Walmart in the middle of the night. Despite what the internet might […]

The power of you

For a brief time while I was in the Marine Corps I trained for and competed along with others from my gym in several powerlifting contests. Despite being physically stronger than any other girl I knew I never did all that well. One day after doing a set of 3 reps of 315 pounds on […]

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