Episode 25 – Female Satisfaction in the Bedroom

Sex is a topic that fascinates me. More than once I’ve been driving down the road and wondered how many people were having sex at that very moment (not including violent offenses). To be fair it fascinates just about everyone. Sex is the driving force somewhere behind damn near every non-strictly business encounter we have […]

Episode 24 Goal Setting

Welcome to Episode 24 of Honestly Speaking. I’m your host Dawn Keegan. Today is the first of February and my guess is that way too many of us are at the end of the first month of the year beating ourselves up because we feel we’ve fallen short of the lofty resolutions and goals we […]

Episode 20 – When is Your Giving Season?

Welcome to Honestly Speaking episode 20 where we talk about the holidays, gift giving and what it might take to show more kindness and generosity year-round. I must apologize upfront for the quality of this recording. We are still working out some logistics challenges and an error on my part led to Hector’s parts containing […]

Episode 16 – Reconsidering the pills and psychiatrists

Welcome to Honestly Speaking this is Dawn. A couple episodes ago, my ho-host Hector and I were talking about labels. Specifically we were talking about the recent trend we’ve noticed especially in young people to refer to themselves as Narcissists. Hector pointed out that narcissism or Narcissistic personality disorder is actually a psychiatric diagnosis. I […]

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