Episode 26 – Temporary Pause and Rebranding as Honestly Dawn

Welcome to Honestly Speaking, this is Dawn. I first need to apologize for the delay in getting out this announcement. If you have listened to most or all of our previous broadcasts you’ve noticed several instances of quality control issues. For that reason I’ve decided to temporarily suspend our launches to work out some logistics. […]

Regret and how we view the past

It was nearly 2 am Thanksgiving morning and since I was unable to sleep, I was thinking about some of the things I’m thankful for. I tell you this because what I’m about to share is a personal story and  while you will read it later in the holiday season I’m asking you to understand […]

Are women programmed for low self-esteem?

Human nature and behavior has been a topic of interest to me for decades. I’m constantly viewing my actions and those of others to look for patterns that provide growth opportunities for myself and my clients. Long before I was aware of the term power posture, a concept popularized by the social psychologist Amy Cuddy, […]

Using Confidence to Demand the Respect You Deserve

I’m passionate about a number of things, but the one that gets me on my soapbox the quickest and loudest is seeing women settling for less than total respect. There are many reasons we allow ourselves to be undervalued, but too often we’ve simply bought into the idea that somehow anyone who pays us attention […]

Self-image, Self-confidence and life in the bedroom

I have about as much personal self-confidence and positive self-image as you can have without being a narcissist. When I walk through any room my shoulders are squared, my head is held high and regardless of my current circumstances I’m fairly sure I’d rather be me than any other person on earth. Over the course […]

Confessions of a closet non-racist

When I was in elementary and middle school I lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the years that spanned Kindergarten through 6th grade I only remember one black student. There may have been others, but they didn’t live in my neighborhood and I didn’t interact with them. After my parents divorced I moved to Florida and […]

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