Hello and welcome.

I’m your host Dawn Keegan here to tell you a little about me, my co-hosts Hector Thomas and Ahmed Almodovar and what you can expect from this broadcast.

Honestly Dawn was created as a logical progression of my coaching work and to give a more dynamic voice to the frustrations and challenges we hear expressed every day in person and via the media.

The following 5 headlines were all published in the same week in July 2016:

  • Colorado Family’s Disney Vacation Ended by Suspected Drunken Driver
  • Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Body Shamed for Weight Loss
  • Pokemon Go Startup is Worth $3.65 Billion
  • Shooting at Nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, Leaves 2 Teenagers Dead
  • Son Charged in Beating Death of 79-Year-Old Mother

What do they have in common?

They all speak to the self-medicating, blame oriented and extrinsically focused nature of today’s society. Entertainment takes priority over self-awareness and actualization. Judgement of others comes before looking at our own lives. And finally, they speak to so much outward projected pain leading to a willingness to kill innocent children in a severely misguided effort to get attention and help.

My vision with Honestly Dawn then is to provide the hope and the solution I believe is being sought after. There will be two types of episodes to look forward to. The first will tackle the difficult subjects of blame, regret, loneliness, core values and personal responsibility among many others in a direct, but non-judgemental manner.

It’s my experience that while many of us want to talk about and examine these topics we seldom feel free to do so with the openness necessary to find the answers we seek.

I truly believe and conduct my life according to the saying “A stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet”. Therefore every episode will give you the open candid discussion you deserve from those you trust most.

The other type of episode will be something we refer to as the Adversity segment. Here we’ll listen as everyday heroes share their stories of extreme challenges and tell us how they not only endured but triumphed.

Personal stories of overcoming tragedy provides the mental imagery which enables listeners to get from denial to discovery to dedicated, intentional and permanent change.

We’ll hear from a guest who experienced the horrors of war at age 6, another who lost a sibling to terrorism and a third guest will tell us how he survived childhood abuse only to succumb to and then rise above his own challenges with drugs and alcohol.


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Who Are We?


Dawn Keegan

  • Host of the Honestly Dawn Podcast
  • Author of the soon to be published self-help book Honestly Speaking
  • Journalism degree from Georgia State University
  • Former combat correspondent for the US Marine Corps including Desert Storm
  • Certifications in personal training, behavior modification and life coaching (including NLP)


Hector Thomas

  • Co-Host of the Honestly Dawn Podcast
  • Human Biology degree from University of Texas (San Antonio)
  • Concentrations on Brain & Behavior, Endocrinology, Human Sex & Reproduction
  • Sales Strategy Consultant and Digital Media Specialist with 13 years of experience
  • Former Firefighter


Ahmed Almodovar

Co-Host of the Honestly Dawn Podcast